1/ Basic

From the idea to the desired product.

A rapid process to design and develop a first prototype will provide you with our insight as to how feasible your idea is.

We compile a list of product attributes, requirements and goals to obtain a Product Specification Document to submit to your company.

2/ Advance

Our goal is to find you the Elegant Solution — not just any solution.

These design and development process includes several sub-steps that are usually iterative, which may also include new requirements and prototypes in order to put in contact your product with your market.

Refining the design process in this way yields the best possible products.

3/ Global

We work with you through all the Product Development Process.

We accompany you in all the steps that go from “Idea” to “Final Product”.

We start identifying the best ideas according to consumer’s needs, we work on the details and we define all the specifics (including regulations, patents and intellectual property protection) until reaching the manufacturing phase.